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Welcome to Well Money Clinic by Keyte Chartered Financial Planners

Our advice will help you get more out of your money – to help you achieve your goals whilst minimising cost, tax and exposure to risk. Nothing means more to us than enabling you to achieve your goals.

Why PAM?

Portfolio Advisory Management is our ongoing service which: 

  • Manages your investment portfolios
  • Provides regular policy summary valuations with performance analysis
  • Monitor your objectives and attitude to risk
  • Organises bed’n’ISA transactions and income / withdrawal payments
  • Ongoing support from us!
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Pension Wise & Money Advice Service

Without delay, we want to give you a personalised fee quote so you can compare our service and fee charges to other financial advisers on the Directory.

First of all we need you to tell us:

  • A bit about yourself
  • What it is you want to do

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Retirement Options

Pre Retirement, put yourself in the picture, ask us to:

  • Work out the amount of sustainable income you might receive
  • Identify the changes needed once your earned income stops
  • Confirm how your pension fund death benefit will be organised 

At Retirement, look for the best deals available, ask us to:

  • Identify entitlements to safeguard benefits like annuity rates, tax free cash higher than 25% or guaranteed pensions with inflationary increases, and any issues with the Lifetime Allowance
  • Compare the options 
  • Monitor progress thereafter
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Typical Fees

Total overall ongoing portfolio charges start from 1.25% per annum (that is including fund charges and our PAM fee. The cost is less than, or similar to what it would be if you did it yourself with a typical execution-only service.

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